* What It Is

Try It… Then Win It!

A new twist on weekly challenges…

Especially for those of us who are time challenged…

Win Prizes, Learn New Techniques, Become a Featured Artist or Storeand more!!

Ok, Ok, I know what you are thinking..

"ANOTHER? Weekly Challenge? UGH… "

Not So! Read On.. See How Try It Tuesdays is Different..

For so long, I have admired, and viewed the fabulous array of weekly challenges out there … but time just hasn't permitted me to participate… creating a full piece of art, in a few days? .. well, it just isn't always possible for me. Sometimes, I just want to enjoy the process, play with paints & inks and all my supplies… and not worry about a product. I LOVE learning new techniques, "inventing" (is it even possible anymore?) them, and eventually incorporating them into my art.. Plus? I'm a supply junkie, and contests often motivate me to take time to create… out of these desires… Try It Tuesdays was born.

It's been on my to-do list ( err… book) for months.. but finally, I took the plunge!

I have some FABULOUS prizes lined up for the participants, some great techniques to share, and hope that all of you will enjoy this fun, little weekly challenge & contest! It's my hope, it becomes a group event, a community, and not simply just my own projects.

So, Here's the deal…

Every Tuesday a new artsy technique (we'll deal with all mediums) will be unveiled…

Your Mission? Is to try it out… and share your results..

Every Tuesday a New Prize (minimum value of $20.00) will be featured ..

Your creations become your entries, and when you join (free) and submit them, you qualify for a chance at the weekly lottery… to WIN the fabulous prize our generous sponsors have donated.

In addition to the FAB weekly prize, The winning entry will be featured for one week on the site, with links to the winner's websites!! The Sponsor's prize will be featured during the week the contest is active, and after as well… see FAQ for details. ALL Entries will be showcased on the blog, in a mosaic with small thumbnails, and a link to the Flick'r page they are located on .. you'll understand better once it's visible.

Time Challenged? You don't need to create a full work of art to play.. just try the featured technique! However, if you'd like to turn it into a complete project, that is fine as well… no pressure! The idea behind this challenge is about the process, not the product.. and creating a bit of time each week for art. The prizes are just an additional motivation!


Information on How to Play, How to Join, Submission Deadlines, How Winners are Chosen, How to Sponsor, How to Submit a Technique, and more can be obtained by reading the FAQ. *To Qualify & Participate, please be sure to read this!*

Join Now!! (see FAQ) to participate.



  1. francesca russell said,

    where do I find this weeks challenge?

  2. Website Design said,

    Great post – I really enjoyed taking the time out of my day to read it, thanks, keep up the wonderful work.

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