A Quick Try It Tuesdays Update!

September 11, 2006 at 12:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone!

Thought I’d try to touch base, and reassure y’all that Try It Tuesdays will be back!

I got bombarded, all at once… and this had to take a back burner. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m hoping that I can have Try It Tuesdays back up & running on it’s new site by Mid-October at the latest.

I’ve had some major computer issues lately, and haven’t been able to work on that site, or my own site very much… once I get my store running (my full time job), Try it will get all of my attention! I wanted to make sure that when I do put it back up, It won’t be going down at all.. it will still run weekly, and bi-weekly on occassion.

I still need y’all to submit tutorials. and prizes to keep it running smoothly! I’ve been saving them all, and will contact everyone who has submitted items as I get to that part of the site!

Sorry to be so brief, I wanted to do this quickly before my computer shut itself off!




  1. Nolleke said,

    Thanks, Chrysti, happy to hear from you, I am patient.
    The Tryittuesdays we’ve had, have been so good to me!

  2. Gena Lumbroso said,

    Hi Chrysti, great hearing from you. Thanks for your great energy!

  3. Gina said,

    Yahoooooo! I was a tiny bit worried because I really enjoy the wonderful challenges that this group has given me and the great artwork presented. I’ll be patiently waiting! Thanks for the update.

  4. lia said,

    miss you! I was just browing Try it tues flickr pool yesterday and there are SO many wonderful creations there!!! wow! you have done so much already! I love all that you do. it’s good to have a break though to tend to things…yes, comp’s. are a pain sometimes! ok, “see” you soon. lovin’ my stuff from altered abbey. take care xxoo Lia (artjunkgrl)

  5. Izabella said,

    looking forward to getting creative again!! waiting patiently 😉 xoxo!!

  6. Izabella said,

    looking forward to being creative with “try it tuesdays” again!! xoxo!!

  7. Laura Lea said,

    Chrysti, Hope your store (full time job) is prosperous. You give a lot to other people and you deserve to reap a big harvest in your own business. I can’t wait, but will try to do so patiently, until Try It Tues. is back! So glad you took a break to get things done. Hope all is well with you. Computers thankfully are just mechanical, and although a pain they are needed and yet, so many other things are taken for granted, our health, our sanity, our family, that sometimes we need breaks to deal with the big reality issues. Can’t wait to see a creative challenge in Oct., oh yeah, I promised to wait patiently- as you can tell it is not my biggest virtue. I love the Try It Tues. site and group. Come back centered and refreshed! Laura Lea

  8. Shoshanah said,

    can’t wait to see you back — maybe i’ll get to play this time. : )

    please contact me about sponsoring — i’m still holding stuff for you!


  9. Pam Aries said,

    Thank you so much for the update!!! I wish you the best in getting everything together! T I T is an awesome site and I always enjoy it! See you in October! Peace and love …Pam

  10. Nolleke said,

    Chrysti Chrysti Chrysti!
    Are you still there?
    Do you still think Tryittuesdays will come back?
    I loved it sooo much!
    Chrysti Chrysti Chrysti!

  11. ainelivia said,

    I’ve only just found this site, so I’m hoping that you will be back. whatever you are doing I wish you well, take care

  12. Erin said,

    Is this site dead? Will it be back soon? When?

  13. Sarah (Flo) said,

    I miss this site

    will it ever be back?


  14. Lesley Chandler said,

    Hey everyone!
    I noticed I am listed as a technique contributer on this site. Please link that hyperlink to this
    and I will add all tutorials to that link.
    thanks so much!
    Hugs from the Funky Art Queen.

  15. cruzmorales75883 said,

    I’m very interested to know how you’re going with this project. I am very keen to have P2 support in Linux. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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