Technique: Week 7 – Altered Postcards Using Photo Transfers

July 11, 2006 at 1:30 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Gallery, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

** Reminder! **

Week 7 lasts 2 weeks!! Plenty of time to jump in! I’m still developing the new website, and can’t wait to unveil it! We’ll have one more 2 week period, then we should back to our regular weekly tutorials, and on the new site! Thanks so much everyone!

The users list will no longer be updated here, as there will be a new system on the new site!

Now, for this week’s tutorial! – Chrysti

Try It Tuesdays: Altered Postcards using Photo Transfers
By: Claudia Roulier
Edited By:
Approx. Time Involved:
40-60 Minutes + Drying Time
© 2006 Claudia Roulier, All Rights Reserved.

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Claudia Says: “I have a Fine Arts Degree with emphasis in drawing and ceramics. I wish I could say, hey.. I taught myself everything (that sounds so cool), well I taught myself some stuff because drawing and ceramics aren’t mixed media..okay I kinda taught myself. I love art and I can finally do it and not feel too guilty except of course when my dogs sit there and shed all over me (and my work) or bark and drop their toys on my feet. Now some people might not be impressed but my dogs are big (huge) and when they really want something they usually get it. They are Newfies and when they speak I usually listen (did I mention they are huge). I recently have started showing in galleries in Denver and I am trying to combine my fine art with my mixed media. So far so good. Things are going well. Love making assemblages which is a brand new direction for me.” Read more about Claudia at her Blog, and be sure to check out her current creations for sale too!

Materials List:

  • Inkjet Printed Transparency Images (adjust contrast a bit higher if you know how)
  • Old Postcard (Preferably used, with postage)
  • Gesso
  • Ephemera
  • *Background Stamp (optional)
  • *Assorted Stamps (optional)
  • *Black Staz-On or Waterproof Ink (if you use stamps)
  • Inks, Paints, Pencils (optional)
  • Spray Sealer, Spray Matte Medium or Hairspray

*Skip the steps with the stamping if you’d prefer not to use them.


  • Spray sealer on postcard to seal any inks, allow to dry.


Let’s Play!:

1. Dilute gesso, and brush over postcard with a few thin coats.

TIP!! The idea here is to be able to see some information peeking out from the gesso. Wipe the postage if necessary to be able to see it.

2. Use your background stamp, and randomly stamp over the gesso.

TIP!! Stamping doesn’t have to be even. Claudia used a script stamp, then some older date stamps over the postage to add interest.

3. Brush gel medium over entire piece.

4. While gel medium is still wet, add a few pieces of ephemera (In example Claudia used earth toned scraps) to it. Run a credit card over the paper, wait a few minutes and then peel the pieces up. Some will stick and some won’t.

5. Take the transparency and lay it over the top of your postcard. Determine if you need more ephemera or less.

TIP!! You can paint thin layers of gesso over the areas that have too much information and add more to the other areas that need color or interest.

6. Pick the transparency you are going to use, determine placement, then paint gel medium over that area. Lay ink jet transparency printed side down (slick side up), rub with credit card or burnish with the tool you like to use. Place a weight on it and walk away for about 15 minutes. Go eat some chocolate or dust something, keep away for about 15 minutes. I mean it!

7. Check the transfer by lifting only a corner. If it’s ok, peel it all away. Okay people, let me say, IT WILL NOT BE PERFECT, get over that, and work with what you have. It will look very cool trust me.

TIP!! Sometimes if the gel dries too fast and doesn’t transfer all the image, simply rub a bit of gel on the paper and rub again. I think faces are most important to get down so it looks cohesive.

8. Now add embellishments, maybe stamp some numbers (my favorite) or letters. Maybe a bit of ink for color or what ever else you like to use.


TIP!! Sometimes it’s good to leave it for a while so you can see with new eyes.

Now paste some notebook or journal paper to the back and send that baby through the mail !!


Tried The Technique? Finished Your Entry?
Want a chance to win this week’s prize?

  • Upload your entry’s photograph(s) to your Flickr account or Blog. In your description, please state it’s part of Try It Tuesdays and link to the site. (On flickr you can link, or add the tags tryittuesdays & tryittuesdaysweek7, or do both!)
  • Go to the Entry Submission Page and follow the instructions
  • It’s that easy! See the FAQ for additional help & rules.

© 2006 Claudia Roulier, All Rights Reserved.



  1. Nancy Baumiller said,

    Thank You Claudia and Chrysti for this wonderful technique! Sounds like loads of fun and cant wait to get started!

  2. Gene Black said,

    I am a bit confused. Where do I get inkjet transparency stuff? Do I need a special product for this or can I make one with my “normal” supplies.

  3. Karen Owen said,

    This transfer technique works better than any I’ve tried. It must be Claudia’s instruction to leave for 15 minutes with weight on top. That’s the step I haven’t been doing. The results are fabulous. Thanks, Claudia!

  4. Pam Aries said,

    I tried it and it turned out great! I couldn’t stop! ha! I did it on some 4x4s! IT is by far the BEST transfer method ! I’ve tried tape, gel transfer, etc.! THANK YOU. I really love TITues.!!!!!!! Pam

  5. Pam Aries said,

    This is a great technique! the BEST transfer method I have tried1 I used it on 4x4s! Pam

  6. alice fox said,

    Thank you for sharing your Technique, I couldn’t stop eather !!!
    I want to do many crea’s ,with this lovely methode.
    Thank Els Vos

  7. Susan H. said,

    I just googled “altered post cards” b/c I’m doing a black and white RR on Postcrossing and I have a bunch of vintage B&W postcards I want to art up. looks like fun. thanks.

  8. tovorinok said,


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  9. jenn said,

    can u use a photocopied picture?

  10. Mel said,

    Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing you talent! :0)

  11. Di said,

    This sounds like a fun and easy project. I’d love to try something like this. Just one question, what is gel medium? It’s not in the materials list.

  12. Joane Visage said,

    Hello I want to share a new remark here regarding you to tell you how much i actually Enjoyed reading this read. I have to run off to work but wanted to leave ya a simple thought. I saved you So will be back right after work in order to read more of yer quality posts. Keep up the quality work.

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