And the week 6 winner is…

July 4, 2006 at 12:13 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Gallery, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

Week 6 is sponsored by:
Art Shaped World
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… this week’s prize is …

With a Total Value Of over $30.00…

 A Vivid Imagination Tote Bag FILLED with art supplies …

Fibers, papers, embellishments, brads, buttons and more!!

Visit Art Shaped World today to see many more fabulous items!

And with 32 valid entries this week ..

Our Winner is…..


The Winner!

The Prize!

Congrats to Suzanne Renfrow !! (#6)


Our Week 6 Winner!

Suzanne lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest although she is a native Southern Californian. She is married (to her high-school hottie, who she was re-united with via!) and has a 14-year old son.

She’s a software tech at a large tech company by day and dabbles in mixed-media collage whenever she gets the chance!You can visit her etsy shop here!

Congratulations Suzanne!!



Art Shaped World is a unique Gift Store, run by the talented Nici Derosier! She is a gifted, mixed media artist, illustrator, writer, and mother to 3 sons, one of whom has a form of Autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. Her designs are inspired by his unique approaches to life’s challenges, and by the brave and colorful wild-child souls that dwell somewhere in each one of us!

All items are inspired by and support Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Awareness. Embrace the colors of the spectrum! Profits from her sales go toward therapy for her autistic son. With something in every price range, you can’t go wrong with her large selection of items! Check them out today!

Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

Runners Up: Lisa Gallup #19 , Gina Lighton #20 , nolleke. #8

How was the winner chosen? As each valid entry is received, it is assigned a number.. these are given chronologically, in the order each entry is submitted. They are then entered into and generated into a sequence.. the first number is our winner, the second the runner up.. etc etc . For more information on the rules of this drawing, please see the FAQ.I’m working on a way that I can publicly share the database file of entrants & their numbers without having to manually delete the email addresses ( I respect our entrants privacy)…as of right now, I don’t have the time needed to manually edit that information. This is all voluntary (though the time put into it, is like a job!) and as much as I’d like to be able to do that, it’s far too time consuming. Thanks for your patience! – Chrysti


Try It Tuesdays is taking this holiday week off as well to devlop the new site.  Next Tuesday, the new technique & prize will be up..
Check back then!

Have a Happy Holiday !



  1. Nancy Baumiller said,

    YAY!! Suzanne!! Congrats darlin!!! Happy 4th to you and to all in the Try it Tuesdays group!!! Wishing y’all a Happy and Safe Holiday! See all of you next Tuesday!!!!!

  2. Gene Black said,

    Way to go Suzanne. Enjoy the arty goodness that Nici sends you. and don’t quit playing. The more you learn here, the more you can “win” in making better art!

    Hey, I think we are all winners.

    Happy 4th to all!

  3. alice fox said,

    Congratulations!!!!!! Suzanne!! and all in the winner pool!!

    Is there sombody who can help me?? I can not sign in for 3 day’s now and strange my work I upload 2 weeks ago for week6 is gone!
    My yahoo is alright and my adress is in the database from flickr and have to sign in via yahoo and merge my account with flickr and they send me back to yahoo I write several and much letters to yahoo and Flickr.

    I am mad because my work is away from Try It Tuesday Why?
    Also out the contest and can not comment on people . I ve come here of the outsidelink!!!
    Maybe is there somebody who can help me???

    Greetz to you all els vos

  4. createdbyamber said,

    Suzanne…Congratulations! What fun , how awesome you won!!!!

  5. Gregory Labounta said,

    Just a small smiler to spread the good words and thank you for your great site
    Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface. 🙂

  6. Melina Humston said,

    yes I agreee Here’s some pass forward: Thought for the day? : Bad or missing mouse driver. Spank the cat [Y/N]?

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