Try It Tuesdays: Week 4 Showcase !

June 15, 2006 at 2:30 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Gallery, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

Thank You all – so very much for your patience this week. You can read a small update on my progress here.

Week 4 is at an overdue end, and I'd like to offer a HUGE thank you to Nancy Baumiller for allowing us to use her fabulous technique.. we can't thank you enough!I loved the versatility this project inspired, it's a fabulous starting point for so many projects. I also did it, but haven't had a chance to photograph it!

The Winner will be announced within the next few hours.. In the meantime.. enjoy viewing some of the fabulous entries we received this week.. these were randomly selected using the tryittuesdaysweek4 tag and chosen from the pool.

You can see many more amazing entries by viewing the group pool.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 4 Showcase

1. TryItTuesdaysWeek4, 3. IMG_0328Ginas, 4. tryittuesdayweek405, 5. tryittuesdaysweek4~finished, 6. ATP, 7. Try it Tuesdays Week 4, 8. TryItTuesdayWeek4Base, 9. distressed peeling paint tryittuesdays tryittuesdaysweek4, 10. Torn Background ATC, 11. boxlidhangerside2, 12. tryittuesdaysweek4, 13. Torn Paper Background, 14. Try it Tuesday Technique Week 4, 15. sea_bkgnd, 16. Tryittuesdaysangel, 17. Try it Tuesdays torn background week 4, 18. Antiqued torn paper background tryittuesdays tryittuesdaysweek4, 19. crop week 4, 20. Antiqued torn paper background, 21. Torn Masking Tape Background, attempt #4, 22. Try it Tuesdays-Week 4, 23. Altered CD Backgrounds, 24. Striped Tissue, 25. torn paper background technique week 4, 26. try it tuesw4, 27. ttit week 4 tech, 28. Try It Tuesdays – Torn Paper Technique, 29. Altered Book Cover, 30. Torn Paper – Hand Postcard, 31. Try_It_Tues_technique4_tornpaper_stain, 32. try it tuesdays week 4, 33. Torn Paper Background, 34. titjune12_3, 35. nature36. tin woodmonster


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  1. Nancy Baumiller said,

    Welcome back Chrysti….and thank you for having me! I enjoyed sitting back and watch all these wonderful artists and their works come into view…it was amazing seeing all the diversity and what they did with this technique….y’all rawk!!!!

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