Try It Tuesdays: Week 2 Showcase !

May 29, 2006 at 3:41 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Gallery, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

Week 2 is almost at an end, and I'd like to offer a sincere thank you to Heather Bradley for allowing us to use her technique.. we can't thank you enough!! So many people were turned onto transfers this week as a result, look out Altered Art World!

The Winner will be announced shortly.. In the meantime.. enjoy viewing 36 of the fabulous entries we received this week.. these were randomly selected using the tryittuesdaysweek2 tag and chosen from the pool.

You can see many more amazing entries by viewing the group pool.

 Try It Tuesdays - Week 2 Showcase

1. gentleman (ATC), 2. tt3, 3. reaper, 4. Try It Tuesdays Week 2 – My Tries, 5. gender architecture, 6. TryItTuesdays2, 7. Borzoi Stamps, 8. Try It Tuesdays Week 2 – My Tries, 9. 060527 Tryittuesdaysweek1+2..Tell me…princess…, 10. Try it Tuesdays Week 2, 11. Borzoi Stamps II, 12. Faded Memories, 13. I just want a little passion to hold me in the dark, 14. someone to watch over me, 15. Faded Memories, 16. Try It Tuesdays Week 2 – My Tries, 17. someone to watch over me, 18. tryittuesdaysweek2, 19. joe robinson (atc), 20. Flight Pattern tryittuesdaysweek2, 21. My Dad-A Hero, 22. Try it Tuesdays II, 23. tryittuesdayweek 2, 24. Mag girl image Tryittuesdays, 25. Try It Tuesdays Week 2 – My Tries, 26. Try It Tuesdays – Easy Transparency Alternative, 27. tryit wk2, 28. Easy Transfer Technique, 29. Starting Toward Fall, 30. TryitTuesday week 2, 31. week two, 32. Woman – Try it Tuesdays week 2, 33. gentle heart atc, 34. Je Ne Regrette Rien, 35. Sorrow Angel, 36. Sunshine Girl



  1. Art by Chrysti » Blog Archive » More fun with TIT Transfers! said,

    […] Speaking of TIT .. the Week 2 Showcase is up, and the Week 2 Winner was announced as well. Congrats Nici! I'll be a bit late in getting the technique up for Week 3, but should be up by later tomorrow evening. Aren't you excited? We'll be tackling something i always avoided… and boy, was it ever easy! […]

  2. alice fox said,

    Congratulation’s Nici !!

    OOOOOOh I am in the group nr 23 top! hihi
    I am exited Chrysti !!

  3. Cindy Jones Lantier said,

    I’ve just recently discovered this site and missed the pdf’s for week one and two. Is it possible to get them some how? I get an error message that says they are not located on the server.

    Thanks — this is a great site. Thanks for your hard work!

  4. chrysti said,

    Not sure if there’s a problem with the files..or if i hit a bnadwith limit… these have been downloaded a few thousand more times then i thought would be..he he..

    anyhow…tomorrow i’ll look into it & let ya know 🙂 In the meantime, the techniques are still accessible … just click the name of them in the previous techniques, it’ll take you to that entry….

    Thanks so much!

  5. nelwyna said,

    I love this site. Good work…

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