And the week 2 winner is…

May 29, 2006 at 4:26 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Gallery, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

Week 2 is sponsored by:
Paper Relics

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… this week's prize is …

Antique Images Clip Art CD
& Victorian Scrap Clip Art CD

Valued at $24.00 …

And with 23 valid entries this week ..

Our Winner is…..

Week 2 – Easy Transparency Alternative by Heather Bradley

The Winner!

The Prize!

Congrats to Nici Derosier!! (#8)

TryitTuesday week 2 

Our Week 2 Winner!

Nici is an incredibly talented, mixed media artist, illustrator, writer, and mother to 3 sons… one of whom has a form of Autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. Her designs are inspired by his unique approaches to life's challenges, and by the brave and colorful wild-child souls that dwell somewhere in each one of us!

She uses her work to help promote Autism awareness and to support the ongoing therapies that are expanding her son's horizons in myriad ways. Visit her auctions here!

Try It Tuesdays Week 2 Prize Images 

Try It Tuesdays Week 2 Prize Images 

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Runners Up: #6 Sarah Kargol, #15 Lori McNamara , #19 Sofia (La Fée Coriandre)

Click Here to see a screen capture of the winning numbers.

How was the winner chosen?

As each valid entry is received, it is assigned a number.. these are given chronologically, in the order each entry is submitted. They are then entered into and generated into a sequence.. the first number is our winner, the second  the runner up.. etc etc . For more information on the rules of this drawing, please see the FAQ.

I'm working on a way that I can publicly share the database file of entrants & their numbers without having to manually delete the email addresses ( I respect our entrants privacy)…as of right now, I don't have the time needed to manually edit that information. This is all voluntary (though the time put into it, is like a job!) and as much as I'd like to be able to do that, it's far too time consuming. Thanks for your patience! – Chrysti

Tomorrow evening, the new technique & prize will be up..
Check back then!



  1. Elizabeth said,

    Congratulations, Nici!

  2. Nancy Baumiller said,

    Congrats to Nici!

  3. Amanda Cox said,

    I have Aspergers too. Nici’s picture is lovely. Its very haunting. With this syndrome I feel like a ghost in the world, like everything else is real and I’m not, and that picture really puts that feeling across. I wish we were all wild children and beautiful people.

  4. Nici said,

    Thanks everyone; what I wonderful way to start the week! Amanda, thanks for being so candid; my husband is an Aspie, too, and has often commented on the feeling of “watching the world from the other side of the glass”. I treasure their views of the world; they in part inspired the designs at my cafepress shop as well (the link is in the sponsors section to the right, ArtShapedWorld.) I think Aspies have so much to tell the world; I believe it is a culture that needs to be given more credit, attention and respect, and I hope the rest of the “neurotypicals” of the world will take a moment to learn a bit about the marvels of the AS mind!

  5. Robyn L (RCL Typepad on flick'r) said,

    Congrats Nici & everyone!

  6. Tracy Webster said,


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