Technique: Week 2 – Easy Transparency Alternative

May 23, 2006 at 1:59 pm (Altered Art, Announcements, Art, Art & Crafts, Collage, Contests, Crafts, Hobbies, meme, prize, Scrapbooking, Tuesdays, Tutorials)

As time goes on, we will explore a variety of techniques.. some you may have seen before, some will be brand new.. but the common thread that they all hold, is there is something to learn. If you've tried a technique, or a variation of it previously .. I encourage you to try it again. Apply it to a new surface, try the following technique on old book pages .. push your own limits, and see what you discover in the process. Whether you have the same results as our contributors, or something completely different .. it's about the exploration and somehow making it all your own.

This technique was chosen this week because I am amazed at how many people are intimidated to try transfers, and even more afraid to ask. Besides, with the holiday weekend coming up, I thought a faster technique would be more appropriate. Enjoy! – Chrysti

Try It Tuesdays: Week 2 – Easy Transparency Alternative
Heather Bradley aka Molly
Edited By:
Approx. Time Involved:
5 -10 minutes
© 2006 Heather Bradley, All Rights Reserved.

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Heather Bradley is a multi-talented artist whose passions for handmade soaps, mixed media collages, handmade jewelry, and .more have made her an inspiring, and respected artisan. She has launched her own bath line, in addition to her gift store. You can see more of her work and read more about her at her blog as well.

Try It Tuesdays - Week 2 Technique Examples 

The Eiffel Towers, and the flowers on these ATC’s were done using this method!


Need Images? Check out Paper Relics fabulous Ephemera Cd’s! They are not only beautiful, and unique but an amazing deal! Grab one today!

Here are some more examples of Heather's wonderful collages done using this simple, yet fabulous technique. In parenthesis, are the elements that have been done with the Easy Transparency Alternative.

 Try It Tuesdays Week 2 Technique Examples

1. Sisters 2 ATC (Text, Swirls & Paris ) 2. Sisters 1 ATC (Swirls)
3. Geisha ATC (Chinese Text) 4. Stationary ATC (Woman & Compass)
5. Lina Cavallini (Lina) 6. Eiffel (Eiffel & Text)

Materials List: 

  • Clear Full Sheet Labels *
  • Laser or Toner Copy Image (Separate Images, do not print on labels)
  • Bone Folder or Burnishing Tool
  • Gel Medium (Matte Finish Recommended)
  • Water
  •  2 Towels

TIP! *(Clear Packing Tape, Clear Contact Paper and Laminating Paper would also work)


  • Cut out laser printed / toner copy image.
  • Dampen one towel
  • Put water into a small bowl, or cup.

Similar to the packing tape method, here is an easy alternative to those expensive transparency sheets. I ran out of tape on my last project and found a whole pack of clear, full sheet labels in the cupboard.  If you have any clear label sheets (Avery or any brand) they work just as great! Avery labels have a frosted coating but this will come off.

 Let’s Play!:

1.      Cut a piece of the label sheet slightly larger then your image.

2.      With the image facing up, apply the sticky side of the label directly to it.

3.      Burnish the entire surface of the label with your bone folder until it has adhered well. (no bubbles)

4.      Dip your fingers in water and start rubbing the paper in a circular motion to remove the paper.  Add more water and continue rubbing until all the paper is removed.  If there are still flecks of paper continue rubbing to remove them.

TIP! * If there’s a frosted coating, rub the surface with damp towel to remove it.

5.      Give it a quick rinse in clean water to remove any additional little bits of paper.

6.      On a dry, clean countertop place the sticky side down. Using a dry towel, squeegee any water off.

7.      Now trim your image, and glue down to your project with Gel Medium.

There you have it! An easy, inexpensive way to make transparencies!

 Try It Tuesdays - Week 2 Technique Examples

The Flowers on the first ATC, and all the Eiffel Towers were done using this easy method.

Be sure to visit Heather’s wonderful stores – she has AMAZING jewelery &  gifts, and her bath line is to die for! She has some more of her work at Flick’r and in her fabulous blog as well!

This document, (all images and text included) are not for distribution. Try it Tuesdays has the authors permission to share this technique for use on . You may use this document for reference, and personal use only. Not to be shared on email lists, message boards, or by any other electronic or print means.

© 2006 Heather Bradley, All Rights Reserved.


Paper Relics has the perfect image CD’s for you to use in your transparencies!

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    Now start creating!! I can't wait to see what everyone makes! – Chrysti

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