IMPORTANT!!! Major Change! All Must Read!

May 20, 2006 at 2:15 pm (Announcements)

Well, as with anything.. sometimes you don't know you'll run into problems, until it's live. Try it Tuesdays is no different. Throughout the week, I've made an extra effort to listen to your suggestions, see what worked, and what didn't, and find the trouble areas where most people were confused.

As a result of this, I made a significant change in how you enter for the drawing! Please read the updated FAQ for complete information, and rules. you can also read this thread for information on what this fixes.

Highlights of the changes below — But be sure to read the FAQ!

How Do I Submit an Entry for the Current Challenge ?

Optional: Add it to the Try It Tuesdays Group Pool at Flick'r. Joining the Flick'r group is optional, but highly recommended, as we will discuss the techniques, have special announcements, and entries showcased on the site will be chosen from the group pool. You may submit as many entries to this group as you like, as long as it's pertaining to Try It Tuesdays!

Those who have already entered via Flick'r tags, will need to resubmit their information via the new system. In addition to the announcements, I will be contacting those people individually as well.

My sincere apologies for any confusion, and the extra time this involves.. i didn't anticipate all of this either 🙂 It should be smooth sailing from this point on! – Chrysti


1 Comment

  1. Joan said,

    sorry but I’m no good with computers and I just can’t figure out how I upload my photos of the challenge ……………………..can you help me.
    joan in italy

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