Thanks & A Few Announcements..

May 12, 2006 at 3:41 pm (Announcements)

Wow Y'all!! Thanks!! I knew this would catch on and become a success .. but i truly had noooo idea it'd generate so much interest, this quickly.. I can't thank y'all enough! You sure are in for a treat! Just wait til you see some of these prizes, and techniques.. we really do have an amazing, generous community of artists amongst us. Please bear with me as I work my way through answering all your emails!

Please continue to spread the word ..via email, in your blog entries, as a link on your site etc.. and continue to send in those links, tutorials & sponsor gifts! If we get an excess of sponsor gifts, I may consider adding a second prize each week ($10.00 value minimum) … I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! It's a ways out though.. so no changes for now…and any changes I make, I'll discuss with y'all first!

I've had a TON of requests on receiving email updates each week… there is no possible way I can send them out individually, but I found this fabulous service that will.. so if you don't want to miss an update… sign up! 

Don't forget to join the flick'r group (it's free) .. as your entries will need to be there, to have a chance to win .. see FAQ for more details. I've also added some buttons there you can add to your sites for promotion. I'm almost finished the extended FAQ .. send me an email if you think something should be in it, that isn't!

Thanks again.. you all ROCK! – Chrysti


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  1. Pam Aries said,

    Hi Chrysti ! I am new to your site…!! I came here via Joanna’s Art Journal. I told my cyber friends about Try It Tues. Fun! I did the acrylic paint one! I also did the same with water colours! Great effects.!!!! I’ll be back. Thank you very Much for sharing. Hey…YOU rock!!! Pam Aries ps: great links you have, too!

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